image@ thefandomcritique: thanks for the tip. That’s what I usually do in orals which works quite well for me, but in this case I am just completely clueless about EVERYTHING statistical. Which is a huge problem. Like I basically have this study and the statistical measurements they used to check whether their hypotheses were correct. Now in the test I’m supposed to critically tell them whether the used measurements were fit for the hypotheses, how reliable those statistics are (or something), how else one could have proceeded etc. But since I can’t even read the statistical tables they include in their study, how am I supposed to judge how good it is, let alone think of alternative methods…
But thanks so much for trying to help. I just guess I’d need someone to at least explain me the basics and I really don’t have anyone who could… (and all google does is confuse me even more)

@ half0utloud: not really. I mean my cousin used to study maths and should know a little bit about statistics, too, but she’s not available right now and since this test is in 2 days it’s slightly last minute, too. :/

@ kinkymuse: well the issue about asking someone is that everyone at uni has their own shit to deal with right now (and everyone has a different study, so…) but thanks for trying to help / cheer me up. I hope you’re doing well yourself :)

@ pausethetragicending: *sigh* since everyone has a different study and is busy studying, too, other students aren’t an option. And the teachers aren’t available either. (not that I could actually ask for help, cause that would require at least knowing the specifics of what I wanna know. I don’t even know the basics, so…)

@ evilapprentice: Somehow I doubt that’s gonna help me in this case *sigh*

  1. thefandomcritique said: Can you pop this table into my ask box and I’ll take a look? some kind of summary of the study too? I mean, are you meant to be talking about statistical errors, collection method, sample size? Not promising I’ll be able to help but I can try.
  2. evilapprentice said: Do you DARE doubt the power of Stana?
  3. half0utloud said: crossing my fingers and thinking of you *tight hug*
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