luckisaladycop said: Movie night without me. </3 But it’s true, she’s like the least decisive person ever.

half0utloud said: sticky situation. i’m exactly the same :P maybe we should have Lulu decide.. then Jolie will bring the cuffs and Con will tie us all to chairs (that.. got out of hands real quick) 

pausethetragicending said: hahah nice crossover Jeanne xD so after everyone participated in a giant group hug we could just go for a Castle drinking game it should make everyone happy (note how I just invited myself to the party..*ninjas away*)


but I absolutely approve of all of the above (that’s a fucking awesome group we have there alsdkjalskd) …even though I don’t quite get how we’re gonna be able to play that drinking game when we’re all tied to chairs xDDD

So we might have to overthink that part…but I still approve of the cuffs…I’m sure there’s SOME use for them…oh god NOW it’s getting out of hand xDDD

So… new drinking game rules or old ones? Lulu and I came up with new rules since the old ones kinda didn’t work that well anymore in season 5 xD (I guess we’re open to more suggestions though) :P

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  1. half0utloud said: i think we’re ready to take over the world
  2. mrstrinamills said: That’s better and THANK YOU for pushing the movie decision on me yet again, I appreciate it… not. *lol* Maybe the drinking game first and then some cuff play… if that’s what everyone wants. ;)
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